Not so into the sources from this Robin Skouteris mash (apart from Call Me Maybe, Psy, Maroon 5, Gotye, Katy Perry and Jessie J – genuine unironic no guilt pop gems – but Bieber? *puke*) and like a lot of these things it tends to prove the identikit nature of most modern pop.

But I do like the PopLove video especially from this point with the paint splash motif though…it starts very much A vs B vs C intercut like we’ve seen many times before, but shifts up a gear at that point. Putting on my edity-VJ hat, there’s a lot of work gone into that section. Nicely done!

And the mashup bounces along well, again with source provisos, giving Mr Earworm a run for his money. Only niggle is the Gangnam inclusion, that feels forced like it was dropped in at the last minute.

Relatio Clash

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