Radio Disney does metal

Another YouTube meme but one that takes black and heavy metal and re-records it, Radio Disney-happy style mostly by Andy Rehfeldt.

Love it. Here’s the Maus version of Slayer’s Reign in Blood:

Here’s Metallica: exit light, enter jazz…

And Slipknott goes all Miley Cyrus – I prefer Slipknott like this, it’s more adult, demure and serious than their usual act 😛

And obviously you can go the other way – here’s Uffie-ripping Ke$ha with Tik Tok in Polka metal (?) style:

And Taylor Swift who will only EVER appear on this blog in remixed form or this heavy metal \m/ \m/ satanic version…srsly she needs to sing rock, it would work far better for her than aweful drippy ballads:

Or even death metal ABBA = you are the dying queen, only 17?:

Oh and DJNoNo approves of Polka Face! Po-po-polka face!

Oh and P.S. – Death Metal Bieber Destroys All That Come Before Him:

Relatio Clash

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