Tag: miley cyrus

January 23 /

Completely random but in a wonderful way, beatboxer, tuba-player and everyone’s favourite German DJ in America Flula who does ‘Auto Tunes’ – i.e. tunes in his car – finds Sir Mix-A-Lot and does a great version of Baby Got Back.…

December 12 /

You better be Miley or Nice! Not sure exactly why I like this video so much, can’t think? 😉 Predictable? Moi? NO! But I think this Santa might blush if he got my Xmas list 😉

December 6 /

https://vimeo.com/81194948 I get accused of not covering mashups enough, well I don’t but then this editorial intro to this bit wouldn’t work then, I just feel guilty about not covering enough mashups but then they’re all multimashes and I hate…

November 28 /

Already at 25 million views 2 days later, this has been doing the rounds but Steve Kardynal does it again, another funny Chatroulette video. This time taking on Miley’s Wrecking Ball.