Gateway drug to wonky city: Main Attraktionz

Talking of next level – was going to wait til the next podcast but this can’t wait…what’s caused my sudden interest in all things [genre ALERT] wonky hip hop or future beat*[/genre ALERT] is this wonderful track ‘Legion Of Doom’ by Main Attraktionz – part of the Green Ova family. Love how the cutup vocal sample becomes the beat, simple stuff but very original. MOAR! Big mantle to place on it, but this gives me hope that hiphop is moving forward, and I think like Odd Future is gonna be BIG.

Nicely Squadda Bambino retweeted my WOW about their stuff, it’s great check it out – especially the productions by Babe Rainbow (props to Southern Hospitality for introducing me to some wonderful tracks too).

* yeah I know…not MY labels. Genre, genre, genre…but gotta give it a name somehow, even though I do think the genres are blurring and it’s all becoming wonderfully hazy…just like this track 🙂

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