Sheck Wes

Sometimes you see an artist and you might not be really into their genre and you think ‘wow they have it, gonna be big.’

I mean most of mumble rap and trap has passed me by, well I’ve passed it by, apart from a little early on when it was ‘cloud rap’ and the likes of Chance and Vic Mensa – and I like these videos, even if the lyrics are not what I’m about. The spooky feel of the beat and the performance just has me hooked. It’s mysterious, he has that illusive factor.

Also love the breakout hit ‘Mo Bamba’ not so much for the rap but the video that totally takes the piss out of rap video cliches, to the point I think he told his friends to be just too much. It’s almost Aphex in it’s grinning evilness, a sort of Wes Anderson take on a BET clip (I mean the height of hip hop extravagance – a motorised wheelchair?!), but also Beasties video whacky with the ‘investors’/managers – critiquing money in hiphop.

And then also sweet, like gangsters having a snow fight in his Live Sheck Wes Die Sheck Wes video…hard to move between surreal, dangerous and the sweet, but he manages it without being either twee or desperate. He’s going to be big, I don’t think just hiphop big, I mean outside of that. Hopefully he does more deeper lyrics…

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