Happy New Year…

(via Cartelmike and Mark WhoBoy)

Hope you have a good new year…and don’t get too excited like this little fellow, I suppose someone decided to spike his drink with speed to P-P-P-Pick up a penguin!

*boom boom*

Love the music in this too…kind of icerink lang syne.

Survived MIlan, Venice and SNOWMAGEDDON which actually turned out to be 1 or 2 inches of snow in Kent and northern France…went through the alps though, that is SRS snow of many foot and they kept all their roads clean and we never had even the slightest delay. Eurostar = FAIL methinks.

Although the TrenItalia vs SNCF sleeper (even the train is a mashup affair) going through the alps with no heating in the carriage on the way back was a special sort of failwhale…brr. Not happy with train travel in Europe, but Milan and Venice ROCKED so that’s all that counts.

Anyway wherever you are and whatever mode of transport you’re on, have a good one.

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