Dear Students…the Cuts the Cuts (missing an n there)

At the risk of this being the repost-everything-in-b3ta-blog, this video by Sir Ian Bowler pretty much says all I feel re: the massive 1918 (!!!) style cuts and taking off the cap in tuition fees this government is doing. Yes the Lib Dems sold y’all down the river for not very much at all…and the Conservatives are starting a new recession, you know just like 1929, mid 1970s, 1984, 1991…because of a broken record re: cuts which actually DOESN’T WORK, while blaming the Labour Party and Gordon Brown, who though not innocent really lets those friends of the Conservatives, the bankers off the hook.

Short memories and much Murdochery you hath but it was they were really (ir)responsible, and are now having to be bailed out (to avoid said recession, sadly) have massive bonuses again and Yuppie style parties at your expense – who’ll thankfully shortly get mugged by the people who have no jobs and not being monitored by the reduced police and can’t be jailed cos the jails are full. Prepare for the real sort of anarchy, not the yellow press scare of socialist revolution which is small and mostly mythical, but the real one as ‘Big Society’ crumbles due to the cuts in a late 70’s stylee – and I bet you will catch yourself feeling nostalgic for Tony and Gordon, as horrid as that sounds, before you know it.

Yes, this country is indeed fucked. The revenge of Thatcher’s children and the return of the Cult of I’m Alright Jack and Me Me Me.

Last one out turn off the lights…

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