Pray away the gay tories

Homophobic, xenophobic, Thatcher in sheep’s clothing – vote how you like but those in the UK please don’t vote Tory on the 6th.

Why? Well here’s a few reasons close to my heart:

  • Philippa Stroud, Tory PPC for Sutton and Cheam who might well win it, believes you can pray away the gay – literally that prayer can remove demons that cause you to be a homosexual or trans according to the Observer and Pink News she setup several ministries with this methodology. She told ‘Abi’, a trans teen: “She wanted me to know all my thinking was wrong, I was wrong and the so-called demons inside me were wrong. The session ended with her and others praying over me, calling out the demons. She really believed things like homosexuality, transsexualism and addiction could be fixed just by prayer, all in the name of Jesus.”.Do you really want to vote in someone who believes this crap?
  • Philip Lardner former candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran believed homosexuality was ‘not normal’ and also defended Enoch Powell and idolised Cecil Rhodes. He was sacked by David Cameron – but should people like that be allowed to stand as official Conservative candidates in the first place? If the party has so changed?


  • Dr Julian Lewis, shadow defence minister said that lowering the age of consent to 16 which he voted against in 2000 (and thankfully lost) compared having gay sex as dangerous as being in the army and that he “continued his claims that homosexuality/anal sex alone poses risk of HIV/AIDS” and still believed 10 years later that lowering the age of consent would lead to that, but didn’t have any figures to prove it. He also voted against most of the gay rights legislation.
  • Immigration – if you manage to corner a PPC Tory candidate, ask them about immigration. Chances are, like John found out at a recent unrelated transport meeting that they’ll reveal their true colours and go off on one, even without being asked. This won’t happen if a) cameras are near b) agents are near c) press are near d) you’re speaking one of the few sane ones (unlikely). The party still hasn’t sorted out it’s xenophobic immigration freaks or euro scepticism, despite what Mr Airbrush Cameron says.
  • Murdoch. Ol’ Rupert is supporting the Tories through his media empire and if they get in it’s gonna be payback time…if you like the BBC say goodbye to it now, because ‘I’m sorry, so sorry’ it’s gonna go the way of an incidental Doctor Who character in the first 5 minutes – at least it’s news services like the website will be, and probable incidental victims like BBC Radio 6 – yes it is he who is pushing for that BBC Trust cutting exercise – and others. He hates the fact he’s competing against a state monopoly and wants where there is overlap with his paywalled (good luck with that, LOL) services to be cut away…which means a lot less free content and good reporting and more MurdochWorld(tm). Not good.
  • Voting UKIP as an alternative (and if you’re even thinking BNP then you shouldn’t be even reading this blog, more jumping off a nearby cliff) isn’t good either – they want to repeal the equality laws or at least one of them does…the UKIP line is it was his personal view BUT they want to abolish the Human Rights Act – which furnishes quite a lot of these laws.

If these examples are just the ones caught scampering out from behind the cupboard – then what do the party faithful think? Remember this party is still full of Thatcher, Thatcher the Milk Snatcher Thatcherites and unreconstructed Tories, so please vote for any party (well not BNP) than them.


A Tory government is too depressing to even think about…I doubt they would fix much, as much as Brown’s government is incompetent…and then in 6/12 years you’ll need to vote in another government to fix the mess like in 1997…maybe a hung government is the way to go. Personally I’m not opposed to proportional representation, nor the Lib Dems getting in…would be far better than the New Tory Toff homophobic xenophobic Fox-hunting Reborn again Christian option?

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