RC 193: Return to Summerisle Part 2

Dead Rabbit, Outer Hebrides 2006

Return to Summerisle for a musical Wicker sequel (one probably making more sense than Wicker Man II – yes it exists, yes it was written by Tony Shaffer, yes it was bonkers. Being molested by tree gods and throwing people off cliffs with eagles attached to them? Anyone?).

This time returning to focus on the contemporary possible inspirations for the Wicker Man soundtrack, and some later music I think has been influenced by either the soundtrack or the related music of that time, music that contains the same love for early music or combines the same mixture of acid/psychedelic/freak folk mixed with a more uneasy dread or pagan longing.

Unlike the last show part one a lot of high conjecture (it might all have been Carport Convention and Inedible String Band for all I know! :-P) so I throw in speech and music from the original film as well as some amazing modern day covers.

Part One is still dancing around the maypole as well.

I forgot to say these sources of information and inspiration:

  1. The Music of the Wicker Man – brilliant article and the last show heavily leant on (ie stole) this information – hope you don’t mind!
  2. Inside the Wicker Man: How Not to Make a Cult Classic (excellent book – most ‘interviews’, ‘documentaries’, ‘new information’ and ‘shocking exposes’ are seemingly this book reheated/nicked – it’s a good read despite having heard a lot of the info from elsewhere, not the books fault as this seems to be the source for all of that)
  3. Wiki Man (lol)
  4. Gary Carpenter – Setting the Score – interesting info especially about the Trunk release, although in fairness I have to link their response and without the Trunk release being successful there would be no other versions or anything to kvetch about. Also I think the legalities of performance fees are now very different from 1973.
  5. Burnt Offerings – Cult of the Wicker Man
  6. Wicker Man Enigma – both on the DVD
  7. A Darker Shade of Pagan – Wicker Man posts

Phew I think that’s all! You probably can’t hear it in the shows with all the umming and erring, but I did an uncommon amount of research on this one.

he now wears cuckold’s horns, and they’re growing full, pushing through the soil (88Mb, 97Min)


  • Paul Giovanni – Beetle
  • The Pentangle – Light Flight
  • Forever Children – Merry Go-Round
  • Paul Giovanni – Fire Leap
  • Vashti Bunyan – Here before
  • Wendy & Bonnie – By The Sea
  • Linda Perhacs – (Hey Now) Who Really Cares?
  • Forest – Graveyard
  • Turid / Song
  • Paul Giovanni – Lullaby
  • Doves – Willow’s Song
  • Sneaker Pimps – Johnny
  • Willow’s Song (Hammer sandwich mix) – Spacedog
  • Fleet Foxes – Silver Dagger
  • Midlake – We Gathered In Spring
  • Paul Giovanni – Hum
  • The Low Anthem – Ticket Taker
  • Paul Giovanni – Approach
  • Mudboy – Solitron Wave
  • The Leisure Society – The Last Of The Melting Snow
  • Paul Giovanni – Appointment With The Wicker Man
  • Wild Beasts – His Grinning Skull
  • Paul Giovanni – Sunset
  • Paul Giovanni – Festival / Mirie It Is / Sumer Is A-Cumen In

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  1. BenY
    August 17

    I enjoyed this more than I expected I would. I’ve actually seen the Wicker Man so no worry about spoilers. 🙂

    This almost reminds me of the Legendary Pink Dots, I wonder if they took any inspiration from sources such as these.

    Here’s one of their songs I like:


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