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As part of the Great Mixcloud Upload I’m re-visting some old podcasts – currently upto the Wicker Man Return to Summerisle ones (probably the best podcasts I’ve done in recent times) but I missed this version of Willow’s Song by Isobel Campbell when I put them together – or rejected it because there are SO many similar covers of just that song that I could do a podcast on that alone (don’t tempt me! I still love this song deeply). And the Mock Turtles version is surprisingly good and proves a man can sing this too.

Anyway it’s a great cover, and I see someone has put love into this Wikipedia entry for Willow’s Song, pretty sure 2 years ago most of these weren’t listed or findable (I did do a lot of research for those shows, and actually tracking down covers & originals was very hard).

Also should mention Seafood’s version – it has something of the proper spooky otherworldness about it, rather than being a facsimile of previous versions (some of the neo-pagan/goth versions I did come across and thought they were too close to the original)

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