Corn Rigs and Barley Rigs Are Bonny

One of the things I love about my fellow Brits – and I admit it’s not a big list – is the fact that you can know someone years and not know about their talents. I’m not talking about a humble brag, it’s just not done usually to push your work whereas in other countries you’d be told within the first few minutes.

One of these is Tony aka Frobisher Neck, who I met many years ago at Duckie, and bonded over a love of Krautrock. Turns out he’s quite the musical whizz, for instance the work he did with swedish acid-folk duo Us and Them covering Wicker Man songs. I wish they’d done them a few years back, they’d be a dead cert for my Summerisle shows – I know from then trawling through many covers of these songs that covers of Wicker Man songs are ten-a-penny. Good or different ones like these covers, less so.

And gladly/sadly (for I want) they sold out this EP immediately when released at the end of last year – but you can hear them on Soundcloud YouTube:


  1. May 19

    Nice one, thanks Tim, I really appreciate that! In that case you may enjoy the following if you haven’t seen these already – Us & Them made a video for each track on the Summerisle EP… so here goes, in no particular order whatsoever:

    Corn Rigs:

    Fire Leap:

    Gently Johnny: (actually I thought there was a video of this made by Us & Them but couldn’t find that, so this is the one put together by Fruits de Mer in the run up to the EP’s release last autumn)

    Willow’s Song:

  2. Corinne DeFazio
    August 22

    Thank you! I’ve always wanted to hear more of the music from the “Wicker Man.” It is hauntingly beautiful!

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