Is this just desire or the truth? Reborn Identity joins The Videotones

I have to share this – Reborn Identity always does amazing mashup videos, but I have to stop myself wheeling out the usual cliches of ‘taken it to another level’ and ‘blows me away’ and ‘something else’ but he has excelled himself for The Videotones project, this time taking The Kleptones ‘Untired’ from the Downtime album.

Just watch it. (partial nudity, briefly)

Amazing huh? Well there’s more where that comes from over at the Vimeo channel and YouTube channel:

For those that missed the previous posts – with Eric Kleptones and a team of great mashup/video producers and VJs we’re aiming to do videos for the whole of Uptime AND Downtime – a mashup video album, so to speak.

We’ve already got 6 – 5 done and 1 done already…with another 4 in production – seen all of those in production (2 of them are mine, 2 from separate others) and they are all of a similar quality to the above…also doing something a little different – which was the aim of the project, to push the boundaries (eek! cliche Ed) a bit.

And I think some of the work inc my rough version for Mad Groove might be shown as part of The Kleptones VJ set for Bootie London – which is a great honour if that happens – also Thriftshop XL is also doing visuals. Great news ;-D

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