TV is bad for you, mmmkay? Kleptones – Mad Groove by Instamatic (Videotones #6)

The 6th video from The Videotones Project is about television – an intentional theme running through nearing all the videos but here I take The Kleptones ‘Mad Groove’ and merrily skips through 24 films, TV shows and music videos channel surfing as I go, causing upset and destruction in my wake. Remember: don’t watch the blipverts, or your eyes will go square.

Oh and TV is bad, mmkay? OBEY!

Sources used:

Requiem for a Dream
Steal This Film II
Stay Tuned
Truman Show
Filth and the Fury
Medium Cool
Max Headroom
They Live
Evidence by Godfrey Reggio
Daft Punk – Robot Rock
YMO – Live
Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle
Zabriskie Point
Times Square
Last Emperor
Kraftwerk Tour de France
Double 99 – Rip Groove video

(Yup, 24 sources… and was about as long and arduous to put together to watch a whole series of Jack Bauer. Hope you enjoy.).

You can see more Videotones at the links below or the YouTube or Vimeo channels.

Relatio Clash

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