New Videotones Kleptones videos from Mashup Germany and Crumbs Chief

Excellent new videos as part of the Videotones Project creating videos for The Kleptones excellent Uptime/Downtime album.

First up is video artists Crumbs Chief with their Epic dance number of 1,000s for ‘Come Again’ – love the old skool film and various dance sequences in this, and the power to the people 60’s vibe (I assume via the film Across the Universe and archive footage).

Next Busta and Beasties in Mashup Germany‘s excellent video for Hella Touch – first HD vid for the project I think, and serious quality.

Kleptones are playing Glastonbury next weekend – lucky bastards – with as with Bootie London a VJ set with Butchauntie using some of the Videotones videos including my videos (most likely for Welcome Back, Mad Groove and Brightness and Contrast).

They’re topping and tailing the festival, playing on Thursday at 11.30pm : East Dance Tent, Dance Village (Silent Disco – 2hr AV set) and at Sunday 11pmon the Rabbit Hole Stage, The Park (Noisy Disco! – 90m AV set). If you’re one of the lucky kittens with a ticket check ’em out.

So I (and several of the VT artists) can put on my CV that my videos will be shown at Glastonbury, including the premiere of my final draft version of ‘Brightness and Contrast’ video which I hope to release before they get back. Woo!

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