Billie Ray Martin – Crackdown Project minimix & CMP Mininova remix

Friend to Radio Clash and fellow Year-Zero-n (hmm must work on that collective noun) Celebrity Murder Party has been busy – not only remixing several of the upcoming remixes for Billie Ray Martin’s Crackdown Project releases (both remixes of Just Fascination and Crackdown) but also producing this promo minimix where you can hear some of the tracks, and also a mix for the Mininova release of a few of the mixes from the project (available on all friendly torrent programs at the link).

Not only is it interesting that Billie chose to release tracks via Mininova Content Delivery Service, but also shows the change in the musical landscape between free and paid; between getting people to take notice but also make money; getting what you give basically…torrent sites can either go either way after the crackdown (lol) – either become Napster with a paid model, to start again and fairly irrelevant and outgunned by the likes of iTunes, or offer the ‘free music’ as part of a promotional tool by artists who want to reach fans direct.

I do prefer the latter model, because the genie is out of the bottle – people will expect music for free from now on – but also people will support the music they like, buy special formats, support the artist. Try before you buy, basically…these models are not incompatible, only if your thinking is locked in 20th century thinking of physical formats…it’s still up in the air, but I think it’ll work. I’m drafting in my head a post about music marketing in the age of bittorrent and p2p actually, because although I think marketing is an evil dark art (not in a good way either) and follow Hicks creed, it’s also obvious to me that there are certain opportunities out there that aren’t being followed.

Certainly turning your fans into criminals and banning the sites will not work, as it never has historically. So respect to Billie for embracing the new technology; needs to be far more well-known and unknown people who see it as an opportunity rather than a threat, even if all the bits haven’t totally been worked out yet, it will fall into place.

Anyway on that note here’s one of the free mixes from the Mininova download, CMP’s remix of Just Fascination and mighty fine it is too – loads more where that came from from the bits I’ve heard ๐Ÿ˜€ I hear there is going to be a launch shindig (March 6th?) in Berlin with CMP and Phil Retrospector and others performing live on stage with Billie Ray Martin also – should be good ;-D

I did the dates/BUYBUYBUY spammage in the previous post so you know what to do if you likey. (And if you have a problem with that fair enough, endlessly promospam on blogs annoys me also, but can I point out none of us atm is snorting coke off hookers backs (well maybe Jez is :-P) and I am hopelessly in debt partly cos of working for free on this frigging site/podcast, so bring on the WAHMBULANCE loaded with cash, plz ๐Ÿ˜‰

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