Radio Clash – Take Me Back To Africa on MutantPopTV!

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Finally have this on MutantPopTV – for the moment because of Vimeo’s current oddness and slowly uploading to other places this is the only place you can see it in full as one file. Crazy but true.

If you encounter jerkiness then it might be best to let it load for a bit and buffer…it’s not a small file and my server’s hamsters sometimes get tired. Also running stuff or downloading in the background can slow down Flash video, as it tends to be more CPU intensive that other sorts of video – there don’t let anyone tell you I’m not informative…

Remember you can share it by the little menu in the corner, but keep a mind for my poor bandwidth will you? 😉 I hope to have a full length video on Vimeo or Viddler or something soon, but who knows?

Lower res FLV (probably will stream better)

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