Radio Clash 183: Take Me Back To Africa – video podcast now up!

This is the long-delayed video part of RC: 183 – I really really didn’t want to post it as two parts and will post a hopefully higher quality single version as soon as it converts/uploads and Vimeo stops being shit (I may have a long wait).

I could list a long list of how this has been a nightmare,from broken lights and scrambles to get the only worklight in christendom in the fun environs of Leyton, from Adobe Media Encoder taking 7 hours to create an empty file and the scrabble to get anything out Premiere and it’s usual crashes, frequent crashes and comepletely wrong estimated sizes of QuickTime Pro conversions, and now Vimeo is flaking out with it’s conversions stopping at 4% even with a Plus account. I think this’ll be the first and last video podcast, at least til I have money to get new non-shit hardware and software (6 months-1 year+). Sorry but this doesn’t pay costs loads and I haz no money. *shrugs*

Also that means no iPod downloadable version, don’t have the server space without this server falling over, unless someone wants to donate me the money to upgrade libsyn so it can store a 400-500Mb video, it aint gonna happen. And given it’s taken days of QT crashes to get this far I doubt we’d get there anyway.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it, it’s taken FAR too long.

Also now over as one file at MutantPopTV:

HQ mp4:

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Lower res FLV (probably will stream better)

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