You’ve been GrungeRolled – Astley Gone To Heaven video

New addition to MutantPopTV is a video for 10000 Spoons’ great ‘Astley Gone to Heaven’ mixing Pixies ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ with Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – part of his brilliant ‘Boot Up The Eighties’ mix – highly recommended – and I asked if I could do a video and he kindly sent me the full version.

Took bleeding ages to match the fuzzy arty B&W footage with the Astley video, but I think it was worth it 😉 Let me know if anyone wants the full downloadable 640×480 H264 MOV to play out, etc.

(Only posted on YouTube until my Vimeo account has space and before it inevitably gets pulled or something…get it while it’s hot! Or alternatively watch it as part of MutantPopTV below!)

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More videos here at MutantPopTV – and I’ve just added a high-quality version of White Witch Dub video – previous versions were 320×240 only.


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