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Fed up with YouTube pulling my videos, here is MutantPopTV – really a bunch of FLVs and MP4s on my server, but a hopefully permanent home for these videos – as well as my Vimeo and YouTube videos. As with any TV channel you’ve got a mix here – from my mashup music videos, full VJ sets, video podcasts and random DJing/drunken rambles and old art degree videos – many hours of watching, and as it’s on shuffle you’d always get a random next video – or select from the list if there’s something you like the look of.

Tried to make sure most if not all of these work in HTML5 and without Flash but it partly depends on what browser you’re using – if not goto the links above directly, you should be fine.

Oh and before you rip any videos from here I’d be happy to send you a link to a hi-res QT H264 or Photo JPEG MOV if I have it (and most of them I do) rather than anyone trying to use or play low-res FLVs – just click ‘contact’ above.

There will be some repeats but basically the oldest or uncensored/not blocked videos are at the bottom, middle is YouTube videos which is most but not all of my videos (some get blocked) and my newer videos will be on my Vimeo (the top slideshow) – I’ll only get round to uploading them onto my server if they get pulled. You can also go to the Vimeo page for a full-res download!

Also I ran the Videotones project with Eric Kleptone & Pete ‘Butch Auntie’ Wallace – I had the idea of doing videos for all of the 24 Hours mashup album and got friends involved. We nearly got there bar a few…the linking theme I came uo with for the proposed DVD (not completed due to not having enough videos completed) was television hence why nearly all the videos have a common TV theme or a TV popping up somewhere.

Vimeo videos – where all my newer stuff usually is placed:

YouTube videos – most of my new stuff is here, but not all (BOO!)

Older videos – these are on my server, proper MutantPop TV!

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