Know Your History part 1 – GYBO’s I Created A Monster


Back back back in the mists of time, when men were men, women were women, and Dsico still made bootlegs, there was a messageboard called GYBO. Still is in fact. Now the girls and boys in mid 2003 on said messageboard had an idea – what about getting together and doing a charity mashup album inspired by and for War Child and their recently released Hope album.

That compilation begat London Booted, which begat Parkspliced, which begat the whole mashup compilation phenomenon, I’m willing to bet. It included a few tracks that went on to have a life after the album – Loo & Placido’s groundbreaking ‘Safari Love’ was for the album, as was GHP’s ‘Let the music gimme shelter’, Fondue Meltdown doing their classic Daft Punk vs Beats International bootleg and indeed the aforementioned Dsico contributed an excellent Jennifer Lopez vs Ladytron bootleg ‘ghetto pr0n queen’ which I suspect was one of his last A vs B bootlegs before going all glitch, then ditching bootlegs altogether and declaring them dead. Repeatedly.

The rest of the list is veritably star studded with early-mashup names – Frenchbloke (with and without Son), Ultra396, Poj, Boomselection’s DJ Spec, DJ Crook Air, Cropstar, Miss Frenchie, Bitter Sound Foundation, and some you might not remember such as Steve JH Christ who is dead (yet was resurrected probably 3 days later as Steve SPR aka Steve Supercollider – for fun ask him to show you the video 😉 ), Seej, Hepcat and Counter Corporation, amongst others.

Here is said album via Mediafire (162Mb) for the first time in probably 6 years in it’s full 2 CD set with original artwork(s) or failing that (and only if it doesn’t work) then try the direct link here which should never change. Or listen/download individual files over at Bootleg Archive.

The original download asked you to donate to Warchild, I leave that to your conscience!

Disc 1:

  1. douglas does electronics – run mary feelgood
  2. dj spec – peak a boot (specshul fx edit)
  3. dj just in time – you ran over me
  4. dsico – keep it real bitch
  5. tld productions – try an ugly fiesta
  6. tom tom – pink vs the who – there goes my generation
  7. ultra396 – beastie blitz
  8. fondue meltdown – around the bassline
  9. frenchbloke & son – walkable balloon
  10. miss frenchie – the lion sleeps
  11. voodoo bong – manu chao vs. prodigy).
  12. ghp – ultrathin
  13. seej – together again

Disc 2:

  1. idc – safe from us
  2. frenchbloke – seeing pigs
  3. bomfunk mc’s – freestyler [poj mix]
  4. dj crook air – love will sing it back
  5. ghp – let the music gimme shelter
  6. bitter sound foundation – check the sensi
  7. hepcat – baby got aerodynamic back
  8. counter corporation – i hate you tupac
  9. dsico – ghetto pr0n queen
  10. ultra396 – i’m your love machine
  11. cropstar – take my woojet
  12. steve jh christ – smacked up dragula
  13. loo & placido – safari love


  1. October 23

    He he – those were the days my friend, apart from Disico we thought they’d never end….

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