What’s your favourite bootlegs/mashups of the last 10 years?

To honour and remember the passing of GYBO I was wondering what’s your favourite bootleg/bastard pop/mashup of the last 10 years? Especially ones relating to GYBO, ones you heard first via GYBO or artists you discovered via the forum. Old, new, 2002 or the latest in 2012.

One rule as it’s about discovering others mashups you can’t nominate your own, but planning a special mashup-only show of Radio Clash to commemorate GYBO and the 10 years of wonderful mashups and will include some or all of these. So get nominating!


  1. August 16

    BTW Wordbooker was doing odd things so switched it off – I do have the comments here:

    Ian Lloyd
    Mine are pretty obvious.

    Freelance Hellraiser – Stroke of genieus / Can you feel millenium lickshots.
    Phil n Dog – Dr Pressure / Muppet gay bar.
    Josh Console – Rabbit/ Bastard 97 made me do it.
    EJitz – 2 magdalen fuckers.
    Dunproofin – FU2.
    Steve Collider – Black metal tarantula.
    Soundhog – A day in Tracey’s life / Bad grey rocker girls / Mansun and Marvin one.
    Churchill – Hear Missy work it / Hella good girls.
    Jimmi James – Pinball wizard just won’t do / Sgt Pepper’s paradise.
    CHAOS Productions – My other car’s a beatle / Sweet sovereign.
    DJ Riko – Whistler’s delight.
    Party Ben – Ooh la summer nights.
    GHP – Shannon stone.
    Tone 396 – Ting ‘n’ stuff.
    Essex Boy – Bigger ord.
    Big Bad Baz – I want my wonderwall back.

    Jeremy Biggs
    tough one to say what would be my favorite. Rigby Reggae, Kids Rock, marshall got snookered, standing in the way of your friends….

    Phil RetroSpector · · Galway, Ireland

    Jez, have u got an mp3 of standing in the way of your friends perchance?

    Jeremy Biggs
    should have somewhere will have a look.

    ???Scott Cairo · Stoneham High School https://youtu.be/gJ3F5iEK72w
    The best bootleg ever full stop?

    Frits Koek

    • August 16

      Some good suggestions there! Scott – I love the Jimmi Jammes track…Roppenzo’s a classic too, and I could do a whole show on Ian’s suggestions alone, LOL.

  2. August 18

    i could name hundreds but i’d probably forget too many. looking at the previous suggestions makes me feel like there’s no way to decide on 10. i still think one shouldn’t miss crazy psychiatrist.

  3. tim
    August 23

    My favorite mashup would have to be Clive$ter’s “Justified & Crazy.” I don’t know if it was ever posted on GYBO but I certainly found Mashup Industries via GYBO. For those who haven’t heard it you have a mash of KLF “Justified and Ancient” Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” and Grandmaster Flash “The Message.”

    I see Phil Retrospector’s name up above, probably my favorite masher who posted there regularly. “The Good, the Bad & The Creepy” would certainly rank up there for best evers.

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