Know Your History part 3: Parkspliced Blur remix project


The final part of this journey down bootleg history lane is probably the biggest project, covering all tracks from Blur’s legendary Parklife album, A-sides and B-sides in 2 CD set to honour it’s 10 year anniversary of release.

Conceived by McSleazy and helped out by RadioQuita then from Strangely Familiar and created as with London Booted from the people on Get Your Bootleg On messageboard, it came out a few months after the aforesaid Clash album and again was popular with many blogs.

This one didn’t get an physical release so probably in some ways is rarer, but there are some real gems on there. The star-studded international assortment of bootleg & mashup DJ names you’ll probably recognise (or should seeing what they went onto) that contribute tracks are Loo & Placido, Lenlow (Bootie Boston), Go Home Productions, McSleazy, Pojmasta and JoolsMF (both also the people behind DJ Hero creating most of those mixes), DJ Payroll, Gameover, Dunproofin, Mixomatosis, FakeID aka Lionel Vinyl/Geek Chic Soundsystem, DJ Tripp and Josh Console aka cry on my console (Pirate Soundsystem/again DJ Hero) and many more.

My tracks? Well I still stand by my b-side ‘Golden Beard‘ by my alter-ego ‘timbearcub’ – later just ‘tbc’ the world’s worst DJ name – as one of my best ever, Slowdive meets Nina Simone and only 3.4 seconds of Blur’s frankly terrible jazz-wankathon ‘Beard’. ‘Godlife‘ – well I love the intro, but really the Acapella of Doom although being in key (I checked, both are Eminor Dm or something) claimed another victim. It’s those evil Beach Boys harmonies…goes in to the ‘not bad, could do better folder’ really.

I’ve included both artworks (the ones shown here are by myself, the bumper cars/whippet) and an interview done by theconfidential with all the people involved and RadioQuita.

Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they’re girls who do girls like they’re boys can download the zip file via Mediafire here (164Mb) or failing that try downloading the individual files over at Bootleg Archive or try the direct link here which should never change (warning: any hammering of my server or sharing of the direct link and I will take it down again!).

Disc 1 – Parkspliced album

  1. Blur – Grrls & Bots (JoolsMF and Duff Fader)
  2. Blur – Tracy Jacks (McSleazy)
  3. Blur – End Of The Century (Gameover)
  4. Blur – Godlife (Instamatic)
  5. Blur – Bank Holiday (Payroll)
  6. Blur – Goodhead (Jet Set Alex)
  7. Blur – The Cassette Dissector (10000 Spoons)
  8. Blur – Even Further Out (Pop Razors featuring m3)
  9. Blur – No Blur No Cry (Loo and Placido)
  10. Blur – Londinium Loves (Go Home Productions)
  11. Blur – System Error in the Msg Centre (FakeID)
  12. Blur – Naughty Dover Girl (DJ Tripp)
  13. Blur – Magic America (Fujikato)
  14. Blur – Jubilee (Fujikato)
  15. Blur – Is This A Bootleg? (Dunproofin and m3)
  16. Blur – Lot 1110101111001101010105 (

Disc 2 – Parkspliced B-sides

  1. Blur – Hey Magpie (Ilunga)
  2. Blur – People In Europe Spread Love (Miss Frenchie)
  3. Blur – Pojjy Waltz (Pojmasta)
  4. Blur – Peter Panic and the Wolf (Lenlow)
  5. Blur – Miracle on Threadneedle Street (Faultside)
  6. Blur – You Can’t Go To The End (Mixomatosis)
  7. Blur – Goldenbeard (timbearcub)
  8. Blur – Shop Like A Britpop Millionaire (DJ Nite)
  9. Blur – Theme From An Imaginary Chameleon Affair (CompactRisk)
  10. Blur – Red Neck (Bad Tattoo)
  11. Blur – Alex’s Hidden Place (Softbot)
  12. Blur – Got Yer Album Dun (DJ Porky)



  1. Tyler a.k.a. QXBear
    October 31


  2. phabe
    November 2

    no preview? lame.

    • November 5

      rude comment when I’m posting all this free music for you?

      Do you want me to slice your food up for you and put it into your mouth as well?

      fucking lame.

  3. Warren
    November 8

    The dl link appears to be broken – does anyone know an active link for this file?

    • November 14

      seems to be fine for mediafire? I’ve added in a direct link now the dust has settled. They were in before but was pulling the server down.

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