Interviewed in MIT’s Technology Review about mashups & Girl Talk

This article in Technology Review includes a interview with me – it sprang out of the anti-Girl Talk post I made on Radio Clash where I posted examples that were far better that don’t get Pitchfork’s tongue up their arse (bitter? me? why yes when it’s so meh!).

It also has interviews with several other people that have been featured or played on Radio Clash – the ever-lovely DJ Earworm (as interviewed on the podcast in 2005, and regularly played on the show and I made the approved video for the Reckoner Lockdown mash mentioned in the piece) and Lenlow who’s mashes I’ve played many times on the show.

The interview – well I had a great 1-2 hour chat with Larry Hardesty, lovely journalist who had done his homework (so many journos don’t – it’s why I wanted to make sure he had all the info – a lot of the stuff in the article is stuff we talked about, like the acapella sources but I didn’t want to go into proper print saying something like ‘Yeah Tim told me how to get acapellas from video games’ – err nope. I may be punker than Girl Talk – not hard – but I’m not stupid ;-).

And nice to see he agrees with me about Stairway to Bootleg Heaven – it is the best mashup, ever as I told him 🙂

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