Radio Clash 92: Strangely Not So Scottish

Tartan army?

A bad cold, winter is coming, and return from far and distant Scottylands to play selected bootlegs and tunage for your edification and entertainment.

Real scots don’t wear tartan (45Mb, 76mins)



  1. Lee (iMotorAway)
    October 2

    We played CSS Art Bitch on your podcast that we hijacked…that’s where you heard it before…

  2. October 2

    aha! I knew it was either you or Jeb playing it – just didn’t think of my show LOL

    Damn I would’ve played the other track if I’d remembered…

  3. Lee (iMotorAway)
    October 2

    I played the Spank Rock remix of “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above” on one of mine this summer. The Diplo remix of “Let’s Make Love…” is fantastic also.

  4. October 3

    Gosh if I realized you didn’t know about the Bran Flakes I woulda told you long ago – they’ve been around for years, with several full-lengths out. Chopped-up wacky thrift-store records, children’s & religious records served over breakbeats, that kinda thing, lotsa fun:

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