Radio Clash 84: 1984 v2.0

Dangerous liquids on planes (and I’m not talking their terrible wine), chaos in the skies and on the ground, Israel vs Hizbollah (and that aint no mashup except the people caught between). Crazy stupid times.
This podcast is meant to be one long scream for equality and righteous justice. Yep I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore…

Inspired by the likes of BicycleMark (who I just seen has also done a show about this) and YeastRadio who do this ranty thing much better than I.

Click your mouse in the air peace sign yeah (50Mb, 85mins)


Hairgels on a MuthaFuckin' PLANE!


  1. August 14

    Great show Tim. Captured my mood completely this morning.

  2. Matilda 2000
    August 17

    Thanks for the show from the good ol’ US of A. Sitting here at my desk at work listening to news all day makes me depressed and angry. It’s good to have a show like this to know that I’m not all alone in my feelings and to break up all the drivel (aka the news) that is usually coming out of my headphones these days.

  3. September 3

    Catching up on my podcasts (always catching up on my podcasts) and just wanted to drop a line saying this and 83 were great. It was neat to hear other folk’s take on Radio Clash and then return to ep. 84 which was really strong. I’ve been trying to put together an anti-fascist mixtape myself and what I’ve got isn’t nearly as good as this episode. I should just copy this to tapes and drop them around town. It was good. Edifying without coming off as preaching to the choir.
    And I’m totally jealous of you for having All in Your Head FM. I’m going to have to put that on my Christmas list and cross my fingers just to hope I’ll get it. Lucky bastard.

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