Radio Clash Show 35: London Fear and Pride / DJ Earworm interview

An interview with SF mashup genius DJ Earworm, a report from London Pride, but fear and loathing blows across London.

Show dedicated to those who lost their life or loved ones today.

Listen here (38Mb, 64:53)


  1. RedMonkey
    July 8

    Hey… a touching, heartfelt podcast today. My sympathies and wishes of peace are with you and all of my friends and strangers in the UK today. I hate the world today.

  2. Cactus
    July 8

    What was the link for that web-to-podcast thing?

  3. July 8

    thank you – and I’ve added the link to the shownotes, it’s

    I’ve tested it and it works! Yipee! Thank you DJ Earworm…

  4. twinkleboi
    July 8

    just listened to your podcast, i just figured out what podcasting actually was today, your’s is now added to my subscription

    twinkle xx

  5. Red Menace
    July 9

    Hey Tim. I just started listening a bit over a month ago — saw your podcast mentioned in Spin I think, so I went to check it out. I just want to throw my best wishes to you and your countrymen. Keep up the great podcast, and may all this madness end soon…

  6. July 9

    thanks all for the kind words – and yes I know about the Spin mention and funny you should mention that…finally got a copy, watch this space!

  7. July 16

    I sincerely enjoyed the burka song.

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