Let’s rewind like it’s 1989 (and 1979 and 1999)!

Want to hear Little Boots covering Freddie Mercury?
Amiina (Sigur Ros’s string section, played on RC in the past) covering OMD?
Au Revoir Simone covering one of my favourite ELO songs (Here is the News)
AC Slater, probably the best remixer atm outside of Jackbeats remixing Prodigy?
Bonde de Role doing Pigbag?
Young Punx doing Clapping Song?
Nightwaves doing Phil Collins?
Good Books and Freezepop doing Yazoo?
JoolsMF remixing Gwen McCrae (heard good things about this from a mutual friend, and he’s a regular on Radio Clash).

Buffet Libre, who produced those excellent 80’s covers and remixes by modern bands from last year that I ‘rinsed’ like crazy on Radio Clash and my DJing online and off, have done it again – Buffet Libre Rewind 2.

Only listened to a few off the front page but already it’s HIGHLY recommended by me – highlights are the aforementioned current goldenboy of remixes AC Slater with his remix of The Prodigy (looks like the 80’s rule has been relaxed somewhat) and Bonde de Role’s funk carioca take on Pigbag

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