Daddy Freddy on Record Breakers

A few might remember Daddy Freddy, the ragga & ragga house originator and UK ragga toaster/rapper on Simon Harris’s Music of Life label (which I think Derek B was A&R for). Here is a rather strange appearance on Record Breakers where he breaks the record for most syllables in 1 minute. Check out Roy Castle trying to get down to this hip new sound – and Daddy Freddy being so laid back he’s almost horizontal ­čśë Also a random guest spot from the Wee Papa Girl Rappers.

Here’s a song/video I’d not seen before – his 1987 Ragga House track which is surprisingly commercial compared to ‘Go Freddy Go’, ‘Still Kickin’ and ‘Freddy’s Back’. I was wanting to post ‘Go Freddy Go’ but it’s only on Spotify (UK/Europe only).

This video is one of those Rebel MC/Eddy Grant/Prodigy-style dance around the scrapyard/market/underpass Chart Show specials ­čśÇ Pretty good for the time though.

More recently you heard him and frequent collaborator Asher D sampled on Prodigy’s ‘Take Me To The Hospital’.

Talking of the Prodigy – you might recognise the intro to labelmate MC Duke’s ‘I’m Riffin’

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