Q: why do I hate the police?

Maybe it’s because of personal experience, and videos like this:

Yes they are really capturing criminals here…people breaking the law by sitting. That sitting is what terrists do. Sitting is UNamerican!!! Sitting is for pinko commie lefty fags.

Really, if the police, or the army, actually for once in their lives refused to hold up the people in power and do their dirty work for them, and fight for their and our rights as fellow workers against corrupt leaders then maybe, just maybe, the world would be a better place.

But they don’t. And thus uphold the status quo, which is what those in power want.

And please don’t tell me ‘I’ll be glad if you need them’ because yes I’ve been in that position. Were they anywhere to be seen, or for a long time? No. Did they solve anything? No. It was obvious that they don’t really care until you become a statistic, and then it is too late. So sadly at the point where they could prove to me, their employer (I pay their wages with my taxes), that they had some worth, they failed.

So when I see stuff like this I can’t counter it with a nice happy fluffy experience of them. They need to work on that…if they want a job when the revolution comes 😉

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  1. ian
    September 22

    At first glance, I wondered what country this was in, but that was very quickly answered. I have been trying to understand the loose 1st Amendment rights that we Americans have. Granted, other countries punish those who speak out against the government with death.

    Those who serve the government, whether police or military, swear to uphold the Constitution and to follow the orders of their superiors and the President of the United States. I served in the US military, often questioning about then orders of the various Presidents I served under. I was fortunate enough not to have to serve in the war zones since 2001, and wondered how those fighting W’s war dealt with the morality of it all. Now as a civilian, I want all of soldiers from ALL countries involved to come home and let Iraq and Afghanistan rule themselves with an organised transition period.

    I would like to thank you for posting this and I hope it finds it way around the internet. More people need to see how hypocritical governments are.

    Thank you!

  2. October 24

    Wow this was extremly heavy handed, looks more like the police went out to a riot.

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