Web 2.0? more like

Once upon a time, there was a little powercut in San Francisco…

Why should I care you say?

Well seeing that one powercut can wipe out Livejournal, Second Life, Craigslist, Technorati, Typepad…the list goes on, you wonder why in this apparent age of Web 2.0 these systems are still susceptible to one fatal flaw – location. (actually just read up on the Technorati site and their site did have co-location but the generators went down).

So I’m supposed to set up virtual business and entrust more of my data to these people, in this shiny new world of online applications and environments? You know Google, GMail, LJ, SL et al…

Not until they all have backups, and alternate servers in other parts of the world, I won’t.

Ok for those of you getting the jitters from not being able to get onto LJ/SL et al, watch this.

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