If you want to know what Odeo is all about go and sign up, and you’ll get invited -just had a poke around, and yes some kind person has added Radio Clash and I already have 3 subscribers over there (yes you, Fin!) which was a nice surprise…

It’s a cool-looking site, obviously doing a soft-launch Gmail style, well designed and the content creation stuff (not ready yet, sadly) looks interesting. It seems like a hybrid of seemingly the best bits of libsyn, feedburner, technorati tags, and podcastalley…could be very interesting, seeing that Podshow has gone quiet/all sirius on us and the others seem to be struggling a bit…and like audioscrobbler and myspace you get to at least put a name and maybe face to those listening to you. Aha community aspect? Hmm looking as I have recently at the success of Myspace this could go far…

I love the well written little comments under the entry boxes like “Of course, we’re not going to spam you. That’s so Internet 1.0.” 😀

Now if only the phone call option worked (I wonder if it will work in the UK?) I could do holiday-casts ahem I mean on the spot reports… 😀

I have one request tho — make sure your spidery bot thingummy has nice manners and prints out the number of subscribers on my web logs like NewsWire and Bloglines (I think) do in the bot name. That’s reet polite, thar tis…

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  1. June 25

    I was playing with it the other night – quite surprised to get an invite.

    Odeo is definitely in beta mode, but it looks lovely and somethings are a dream to use – like the amazing previewer thing.

    BUT I rekon it’s got a long way to go until it’s ready for a proper launch. And the Downloadr or whatever it’s called it Feeble with a capital F. For now, I’ll be sticking with iPodder. Or iPoddr.

    AND it didn’t even have RADIO CLASH in it! I mean, come on! 😀

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