Radio Clash 99: San Francisco Pt 1 – These Guys Are From England…

ORLY? YARLY? NOWAI!!!! (Eric Kleptone from the International SF Bootlegger’s Dinner)

First podcast in ages back from the Bastard USA British invasion @ Bootie in San Francisco with the first part of an interview with Eric Kleptone of The Kleptones at Web 2.0 (which I also crashed, boarded and liberated red wine and nibble booty!), some thoughts about being at PodcastCon2006, seeing Pet Shop Boys at the Civic in SF and audio from my mainroom set iat Bootie including a (small) boatload of new booty! YARR-RLY! NOWAI!

2nd and 3rd parts to follow, with interviews with all the British bootleggers, and also Adrian and Mysterious D of Bootie, and more of the Eric Kleptone interview. (The bits I can post without his mum getting upset anyway…)

EDIT: Just reading Eric Kleptone’s blog and you can find out his take on Bootie, Web 2.0 and the Pet Shop Boys/Trannyshack gig here. It’s a very entertaining read!

Photos are now up on my Flickr.

Ass pirate booty be here, landlubbers! (50Mb, 1:21)


  • Pet Shop Boys – Where the Streets Have No Name (Can’t Take my Eyes Off of You)
  • San Francisco, Bootie, Web2.0 and PodCastCon2006
  • PCCUK2006 Podshow interview video including moi
  • Team Stealth Disco
  • The Revenge on Team Stealth Disco!

Instamatic Bootie mainroom set


  1. […] As mentioned in a previous post, Tim (aka Instamatic, aka DJ No No) from Radio Clash and I conducted an interview following my session at the Web 2.0 Summit – Pleased to say that it’s now up on his site as part of Radio Clash episode 99 (K Bit starts 41m in, but take time to listen to the whole show if you can!). […]

  2. thesinkster
    November 25

    lovely show! love the kleptone interview, i love hearing his point of view. i will continue to force my friends to listen to “24 Hours” because it’s so good. keep it coming.

  3. November 27

    i concur with thesinkster!

    hearing you two chaps talking about music and being so passionate about it – just like you should be, dammit! – always makes for great listening… i might dig rc#72 out for another airing later ü

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