Radio Clash night #2 – Xmas Xscape Pod

The 2nd of the Radio Clash nights at the Arts Theatre Club will be on Wednesday December 13th and I hope you can join us from 9pm – late for the

Xmas Xscape Pod
(or Hectic Eclectic 2) with

  • Eric Kleptone of the Kleptones – fresh from rocking Bootie in San Francisco (and knocking heads with the Vice Chairman of EMI – boo! hiss!)
  • Jeb of £50 Note retuning especially from the US this time doing a longer live/DJ set!
  • and your veritable host!

As you might have guessed it’ll be an Xmas event with a difference – just loads of good mashup malarky and eclectic mix of music like you hear on them darned poddycasts, so you can Xscape the cheesy Xmas tunes (or maybe hear them evilly buggered!).

Or we might go for non-stop Wizzard on a ever-increasing high pitched Whitney loop, we’ve not decided…:wink: Whatever it’ll be fun! And we have a late license (being a private members club it can go on til 3am) so Xmess cheer can go on WAY past closing time…

As before it’s at the Arts Theatre Club, 50 Frith Street, Soho London, and it’s free but guestlist only, so contact or comment here with your full name if you’re thinking of coming (+1s or even +10s like last time are ok 😛 :twisted:)

To see pics of the previous mayhem of the first Radio Clash night, go here – loadsa cute bears btw…(hint hint)

Flyer to follow!

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