Calling all podcasters…

Are you using variable bitrate (VBR) MP3s? Finding that iTunes and iPods cut off long shows if you skip to the end cos unlike WinAmp their internal timing system is well, a bit crap?

Well I’ve found this program vbrfix that seems to solve the problem – using the VB one atm (not tried the beta version). This was one of the reasons I never used VBR before, but the sound is so much better using VBR with LAME than constant bitrate with the FhG codec, but you do need to know what you are doing with those preset/switch settings.

As I’m giving away all my secrets try here for the best settings for RazorLAME or EAC or whatever you’re using with LAME. LAME encoder is far better at low bitrates using the -vbrnew presets than others…only the iTunes MP3 or the FhG seems close, but they only sound good at higher rates not sub 96kbits.

Price for this info? Well someone please write a decent LAME plugin for Audition / CoolEdit that you can put your own command line LAME switches into? PLEASE? I can direct you to an exisiting old LAME plugin (that only lets you use its’ own presets) with the C source code…

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