This is why DRM is evil

OK I tend not to write too much on the DRM wars sensing I’m probably preaching to the perverted, but occasionally I come across something which is such a good example of why DRM is wrong I have to post it – this is one such occasion (Yahoo is taking it’s DRM servers offline)

How ANYONE can say this is good for consumers, I don’t know – along with the (failed) MSN attempt to do same – shitting on legitimate users is not going to make ‘home taping’ less attractive and supporting artists which supposedly was the goal of DRM (actually it wasn’t, the music industry’s goal like the MPAA was a licensing model where you endlessly re-sell the same old shit back to the consumer as it ‘expires’ – like some sleazy slum landlord, a leasing model). So basically those who bought legal Yahoo music now have less than someone buying a CD or downloading illegally. Nice.

Especially ironic when Yahoo suggest using one of the old DRM workarounds (burning to CD) teaching all these people how to avoid DRM lossily -great work Yahoo! You’re doing the best to promote piracy and our goals – for that I salute you!

Come to P2P and torrent children, ignore your nasty corporate overlords…

Relatio Clash

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  1. Ian
    July 25

    Greetings from across the pond.

    I have yet to understand why music sharing is such a big deal. I recall swapping cassettes with my friends and making dubs of them. Granted it involved human contact to share music, but the principle is the same. I recorded countless songs off of the local radio stations and dub them to another tape. No one complained then did they?

    *shakes head*


    Why can’t record execs get it through their overpaid heads that perhaps the public doesn’t want to pay US$15-20 for a CD when it costs pennies to record and manufacture the album.

    Thanks for the link.

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