Radio Clash 45: Le Detroit Edition

Live and Large from Le/La/LuLu(?) Detroit via Toronto; Why the Crisps must be Free from the Proletariat; Lusty Trains, pieces of pi, Diners inExpress, a few gay jerks and feeling lost in New Orleans. Recorded on the road on the US-Canada tourrette(s).

Get your motorcity around this


    Hello from Le Detroit
    Frenchbloke and Son – Children’s TV Theme #1 (inc Stranglers, Human League and loads others)
    Croustilles Libre! Free the crisps of the bourgeousie!
    ccc Lust Train (Iggy Pop vs Monkees vs Doors vs Rolling Stones vs Radiohead and Cream apparently!)
    Negativland – Piece of Pie (from their latest No Business CD)
    Canadian Diners Express?
    Lounge Brigade – Ironman (from musicformaniacs blog)
    Lumpy – Gay Jerk (Electric Six vs The Capitols )
    gordyboy – Touched Too Exposed (Cathy Dennis vs Kraftwerk)
    Tomas DiabloLost (including ‘Paul Simon, Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Ani Difranco, and strings from an Ella Fitzgerald ballad’)

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