Radio Clash PodCamp set and video

Some more PodCamp fall out I mean media:

Here’s the remastered (ie. distorted songs replaced with originals) set from PodCamp UK last Saturday, although I left one song distorted cos I liked it that way and was having fun with the EQ.

It’s a set of crowd-pleasers, silly fun mashups, no mixing just bang one after each other, it was a lot of fun and had John and others in hysterics in places!

  • TBP – Weekend? Alright Take your Mama Out
  • Cry. On. My. Console. – I Snapped the Casbah!!!!!
  • Dunproofin – Casbah Wonder
  • Frenchbloke – Sound of da S-Club Police
  • Instamatic – Ludakriss
  • Pilchard – Don’t Roll me Down
  • Chordettes – Mr Sandman (Squeak E. Clean and Desert Eagles Club Classic)
  • team9 – Saturday Salmon
  • Instamatic – Push It Slut (French Avenue 2006)
  • C.h.a.o.s. Productions – MIA in Funkytown
  • Cry. On. My. Console. – Command Your Rabbits
  • Phil n’ Dog – Muppet Gay Bastard
  • Beatbox Saboteurs – Knees Up MF
  • DJNoNo – Supercalibreakz
  • Who Boys – Fun n’ Bass
  • DJ Moule – Money for the Queen
  • Soundhog – 500 Bad Mice
  • Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Mn (DJ A-Team edit)
  • Jimmi Jammes – Trippin
  • Who Boys – Two Taxmen
  • Cheapy D – Ass & Titties (You Forgot Poland)
  • Instamatic – Burn Yr Radio (PE version)
  • Beatbox Saboteurs – Morecambe & Wise
  • Richard Cheese – Guerilla Radio
  • The Orb ft Alan Parker – Grey Clouds

And sadly I appear in this good excerpt video of the Social Media discussion, by Richard Azia (needs Quicktime).

Oh and I look EVIL when I laugh.

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  1. Pete (W.A. Duck)
    September 8

    teh ghey metal twins looks like they were the only ones having fun in that photo.

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