Blame Canada!

I arrived in Canada last night via umm, ViaRail, and it’s 25 degrees out, with the crickets chirping away and the trains bellowing as they pass. Staying in Ontario with my friends Doug and Greg on a farm; will hopefully venture out later for a looksie…last night was, err, interesting, the first time I’ve been on a bike for 15 years and it had to be in the dark! Still not collided with any moose (or mounties 😉 yet. The local town is the defintion of Smalltown, CA but seems quite friendly, well everyone knows each other seemingly!

Stayed in Detroit Friday night with my friends Bob and Marty – Marty’s been ill but thankfully is better so I’ll be back in the US later in the week. They took me to Windor, CA and it was kind of weird – it seemed a little like USA-lite (smaller high-rises and casinos) but much more peaceful and some very expensive looking houses. It’s only when I got into the rural parts on the train it started to look more, well, european. And the border guard (who I was expecting to be friendly compared to the frustrating 45-minute wait welcome in Detroit due to the US-Visit programme and the fingerprinting and picture taking – hey welcome to america!) she was quite officious and brusque and asked loads of odd questions.

Interestingly the Canadian Broadcasting Company is on strike, has been for the last 3 weeks over contractual issues…so endless re-runs.

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  1. andrew
    September 5

    You’re not missing much Tim, CBC is rather bland. Current affairs not as questioning or investigative as BBC although they have their moments
    ……Oh for a Humphreys or a Paxman
    But there are good shows like Quirks and Quarks (rivals the best of BBC Radio 4 science shows,podcasted) and CBC Radio 3 (indie music and also podcasted).
    Thank goodness for Democracy Now and podcasting in general, a diet of CBC would be very porridge and rice pudding.

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