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Apparently some fake redneck on a show I don’t watch compared me and my fellow queers to bestiality, prostitution and such like, and made out racism in the south was like some happy Uncle Tom musical, and got booted off the show. Funny, since his show is fake as(s) duck, and this is all probably a stunt to get more dumb Christian right-wing demographic to watch the show and buy crap.

Just see the before and after pictures in the video if you don’t believe me. I love men with long beards, and Southern men, but not ones that are faking being some backwood hick for TV, nor closeted homphobics – because if you obsess that much about what I do in bed, then you’re probably queer. Real straight men would not care – christian or not. Bigotry wrapped up in religion is still bigotry, it doesn’t get some Get Out Of Jail Free pass for hate speech to say ‘I didn’t say this’ – yes you fucking are.

Sorry, but you should own your prejudice, don’t pretend some ancient fallible words written by men supposedly from a skygod gives you the right to treat others like shit. In this way I do care about this strange stunt – but I get tired about my sexuality being used as a punchbag or PR model. Or an excuse to can the show, I suspect A&E know that it’s a passing fad, and ratings will slip anyway…so probably just using this to ditch the show.

But if you defend this guy’s right to speak – which is always the fluffiness of America, where they quite happily let families wearing Swastikas into a diner, then you really don’t understand how hate speech works. You don’t have the right to shout FIRE and you don’t have the right to encourage violence, and unfortunately stuff like this has been shown again and again to increase attacks on LGBTQ. So although yes we should ‘ignore’ this circus, it’s gotten way out of hand where the Republicans are actually jumping on the back of this as a convenient tool to generate outrage, and it gets a lot of people with hidden ‘phobic beliefs crawling out the woodwork (the Facebook campaign to reinstate Phil is at 1.6 million likes last time I looked, and the groups is full of liberal-hating homophobic patriotic ‘God Save ‘Murica’ Tea Party flag-waving. I got out of there quick…)

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