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Interesting as I was bemoaning the state of play of Reddit and especially r/Mashups I found their April ‘best of’ included Jack Conte’s Daft Punk Skrillex ‘Madeon’ style mashup – and then found the amazing original video for Pedals above which you can download for free. It’s like Quay Brothers meets Survival Research Labs (seriously, Google those two if you don’t know them) meets Madeon. I like – despite my hatred of Brostep. (Then again Skrillex has taken to spoofing himself, so maybe not all is bad)…anyway you can download the EP for free.

Also interesting new funding model, Patreon – kind of like Flattr on Kickstart steroids. Tempted to do this with the live feed and podcasts. Not sure what I can offer though, but certainly lack of money and work are an issue at the moment…but would anyone pay?

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