In which I find a Skrillex bootleg I actually like

My disdain for the floppy haired Korn-bothering dark lord is well known, but really like this mashup by Bynar – a year late on this one and came over it by accident. The New Order, Depeche Mode & Human League (is that the synth bits?) seem to make a complementary dark brooding sense in this, rather than what usually happens is that uber-annoying mid-range Skrillex parp just takes over and bludgeons the other bits to death.

Also see any mashups using Knife Party, Afrojack, Nero et al for that particular problem – many of which we get submitted to Radio Clash Towers. Having made O.G. dubstep & noisy electronica (LFO etc) bootlegs myself I’d say they are as hard as rock guitars to make tracks sound ‘whole’ and get the EQ & mix right – and no, brickwall limiting it to fuck does not fix it…Mixing 101 – every part needs it’s own space, remember…which I’d say Bynar understands listening to his bootlegs, ditto the likes of Aggro1 & WFAH (whatever happened to them?).

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