Radio Clash 75: This One’s For Joe

For the 75th Radio Clash, I do a long-coming artist special around the Clash, dedicated to Joe Strummer and bicyclemark.

This is the last show for probably some time; as I’m playing UBER on June 30th and need to sort out a Noisy mix for 6/6/6, as well as start to prepare for November invasion at Bootie in SF.

Mouse is calling, the file-age is coming

  • Intro using German Interview and parts of Joe Strummer’s London Calling show
  • The Clash – Radio Clash (part two – from Super Black Market Clash)
  • The Clash – 1977 (from Super Black Market Clash)
  • Background and intro – My Flickr pics of Pirate #1
  • blo_up – Burnin’ (from London Booted)
  • Big Audio Dynamite – Sunday Best (unreleased?)
  • Solar Twins – Rock the Casbah
  • Dunproofin – Casbah Wonder
  • cry on my console – I snapped the Casbah!!!!
  • Rachid Taha – Rock el Casbah
  • bassment clash – magnificent romeo (from The Singles CD2)
  • The Clash – Career Opportunities (from The Clash)
  • Primal Scream – Know Your Rights (from Kowalski)
  • Thea Gilmore – I’m Not Down (from Uncut Magazine cover disc)
  • The Clash – Lose this Skin (from Sandanista!)
  • The Clash – Police and Thieves (from The Clash)
  • Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Redemption Song (from Streetcore)
  • The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket (from London Calling)
  • An Ending? Summer Breaks, Make me Feel Fine…
  • Prozak for Lovers – London Calling

Photo of Joe Strummer, 1979 by Andy Rosen.


  1. May 15

    Brilliant intro, brilliant show. That’s the stuff i like about Radio Clash!
    Cheers Tim

  2. Vim
    May 15

    Hmm, the show seems to have vanished…

  3. May 15

    hmm looks like that host is having problems…fixing it now

  4. Daft Monkey
    May 15

    Yeah, “Sunday Best” was unreleased — kind of. There was a 12″ pressed, but it didn’t make it anywhere past the “promo” phase before it was called back… Rumor has it there was a Fatboy Slim mix on it. There is also a “Christmas 99” mix or something like that put out on the BAD official site before it went RIP.

    Nice job digging that up. I also have the unreleased album “New Ride for the Millenium” from BAD if you want to hear it.

    Anyway, AWESOME collection of Clash tribute material. THANKS

  5. Kieran
    May 15

    look, you can get a Clash ring tone from The Clash Sony website

    TIM: I edited the link, sorry. Please use Google to look for it…I’d rather not have direct links to Sony’s Clash Website here, for obvious reasons.

  6. Paul
    May 15

    Thank-you Tim. Rocking the casbah in Battersea tonight.

    .. and fuck 2nd Life.

  7. Thanks Tim.. Im flattered at the dedication… anytime I see my name even in the same sentence as Joe Strummer.. its very exciting!

  8. andrew
    May 16

    Up there with the Cutler and Peel tributes. Truly excellent show, Tim. How do you remember all this stuff? It brings back my memories of living in London in the late 70’s and I don’t think you were even born then.

  9. Vim
    May 16

    Great stuff as per usual. Very much enjoyed this. Er, and that’s it 🙂

  10. Some Guy in Albuquerque
    May 19

    Really great show, and not just for the London Booted pieces. SG

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