Tropes vs Women in Video Games Part one

Great to see this finally arrive – Anita Sarkeesian’s series about the portrayal of women in video games. Great use of Kickstarter, and also interesting how it revealed some very odd reactions amongst the male game-playing public, as some shibboleth was being challenged. I would love to see more gender (and orientation, OMG imagine a LGBTQ hero in a major game? Never going to happen.) variation in games, so it’s not left to say the few likes of Portal or Tomb Raider (which in itself is problematic as I’m sure she’ll cover) to fight that corner. And very glad she said ‘straight males’…because I never got the damsel in distress trope either, I was too busy ogling the Knight in Ghosts and Goblins and making him moon in his polka dot undies!

Relatio Clash

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