WTFuture? Hardcore!

Woah. Had my mind rewired by Odd Future + signees to their label Trash Talk. Got the end and I was like ‘What the Fuck Did I Just Watch’ with added o.O and :-O which is usually the sign of something good or different. Hardcore in both senses, rock and rap. Looks like OFWGTA have learned a few things since their disappointing Coachella show last year, unlike that show this is very crazy and intense. I like. And not what you’d expect, then again what I liked about OF originally was the genre blindness of some of their projects. Mixing and mashing it up…that’s what we’re about on Radio Clash πŸ˜€ And also I think the internet is bringing down those walls, that yes kids can be into rock, rap, punk, reggae, pop, 60’s psych and rockabilly…just go on a YouTube journey clicking from one song to another and you’ll happily go through all those styles and more.

I think that exposure to different genres – and the destruction of stupid marketing niches and demographics is what’s killing the corporate record industry atm as they don’t get it…they can only see people as little boxes rather than the interconnections and crossovers which is where the true creativity lies. It’s why I love genre fuckery like this, and it was in part what got me into mashups back in the day.

After Frank Ocean’s coming out (and more importantly Tyler’s response, that was my other issue with OF) then this I think I will start giving them more attention again…and Trash Talk sound very cool too. Apart from Mr Ocean, OF seemed to stall for a while there, and it all became about the ‘phobia and news reaction and not the music, but now Earl’s back it seems Thunderbirds, or indeed Wolves Are Go. Yay!

And the guitarist looks very cute, which doesn’t hurt. πŸ˜‰

Try the video for Awake – I think the intro says it all about the signing to Odd Future:

Relatio Clash

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