Tyler does a love song?

Kind of tuned out of Odd Future / Golf Wang lot, although checked out that last Earl album, not much has re-lit my interest since tipping them way before the GOLF caps and that WANG Coachella appearance. But I like this new one from Tyler, a stylistic change…it was obvious from his other stuff, videos, graphics, musical projects that he’s way more than the obvious horrorcore Satan’s son schtick. And the new direction I like a lot…and a cool video. Very summery / funny /ironic. NSFW though. And like Death Camp at the end – very Mad Max on the Moon!

Yes it’s a Romeo and Juliet style love song about an underage girl – but not as creepy as that sounds, and surprisingly exercises restraint rather than going all Lolita, because that R. Kelly underage stuff is just horrible, whereas this is much more grown up, despite Young T’s protestations.
And that’s him singing? Sounds like Cee-Lo! LOL!

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