Megaupload gets a better song, WW3 doesn’t happen (yet)

I’m sure most people have been haunted by that Megggaaa MEgaaaUpploaddd… song that reportedly cost 3 million (!!! Was it extra for a decent tune? Apparently Kim dotCom is releasing an album? Not sure how he’d do that from prison, then again rappers have managed it in the past…) but Dan Bull comes up trumps for a figure probably far less on the whole Mega-affair.

There has been a domino effect in the Megaupload affair, a lot of similar sites like FileSonic or Fileserve have shutup shop, closed their rewards programs or changed the sharing to only your own files. Although I was horrified by the Hollywood use of NZ police over a fairly minor matter and rather imperialistic approach the US is taking re: copyright (ACTA in EU is going to be voted on tomorrow apparently – have you spoken to your MEP?) – part of me always thought filelocker/cyberlocker sites who were selling premium access to mostly illegal files were doing pretty much the same as those who sell their own or other people’s mashup. I refused to pay for ‘premium’ access, although I’m sure some used those accounts for legal pursuits *cough*. But certainly there were people sharing files that were their own, mixtapes and albums, tracks and collaborative projects…legally shared. To shut down the whole site cos of illegally shared content was also dodgy.

So I didn’t really cry for Mega, although I do think the whole affair is disproportionate, and has rather more serious issues re: how much America can interfere with other countries, and draft in their local forces into another stupid war, after the war on drugs, the war on terrorism (hey guys those both worked well didn’t they?), now comes the war on copyright.

I mean if they come for the pirates, or even quasi-legal or DMCA co-operating sites, who’s next? Usually I would dismiss this to paranoia but fact is fast overtaking fiction in modern times, from V for Vendetta to Watergate Part II and 1984. there does seem to be a flexing of muscles into a sort of global justice/cop role on the part of the US government (and sadly the UK government as their favourite lapdog), which will backfire…certainly entertaining escalation over Iran, or say trying to raid copyright infringement in Russia – (not signed up with ACTA unsurprisingly, neither has China) could lead to a militaristic response from those countries which would make Iraq seem like primary school. WW3? You betcha.

Actually if Iran or North Korea really wanted to make a few bob AND annoy the US government they should setup content server farms for the likes of Mega, LOL.

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