Radio Clash 68: Repeat until Gay Bumper edition

New bootylegs from JoolsMF, RIAA and Kleptones, a totally GAY mix and a Country Covers mix, and acoustic grime and WOB news all in a bumper 85 minute show (usually I edit down but this worked as a long show so kept it).
This was going to be called Podcast Mountain but I guessed approximately 5,468 podcasts have done that joke already….

Ride ’em cowboy here (85mins / 49Mb)


  • RIAA – Intro (from Recording Industries Are Archaic)
  • Kleptones – Uptight Jet (from EP1)
  • Supercollider – Good on the Dancefloor
  • Rakes – Retreat (Phones Remix)
  • Hot Chip – Over and Over (Naum Gabo remix)
  • Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
  • Plan B – Sick 2 Def (Acoustic – from Run the Road 2)
  • Lady Sovereign – Little Bit Of Shhh! (DJ Wonder Remix – from Run the Road 2)
  • JoolsMF – 1 Ting!

That’s SO Gay mix (dedicated to Scott from Night Nurse Show)


  1. March 18

    Why, thank you, good sir. btw, the “Intro” features the voices of Adrian and D of Bootie fame, and yrs truly.

  2. March 18

    What can I say!? I’m speechless!

    Thank you is all I can muster. More drinks for Tim!

    Scott x

  3. March 18

    thanks Scott and Mr Fab – definitely will feature a few other tracks from RIAA in the future.

    I’m featured on the intro?

    Listened again – where? (unless I’m the more punk than punk bit pitched up?)

  4. March 19

    Ha! By “yours truly” I meant ME! The dorky-sounding guy.

  5. Kieran
    March 19

    Great show Tim. I loved that radiohead song. Did you know the Hot Chip remix is by one half of the optimo dj guy Jonny Wilkes

  6. March 19

    aha! I thought I must sound too america or something…so my powers of perception haven’t completely failed me…

  7. March 19

    Kieran – I didn’t know that – Optimo produce some cool mixes, and used to do stuff with Frenchbloke & Son back in
    the day…did wonder who Naum Gabo was. Did a very cool Franz mix as I remember, and Scissor Sisters I think…

  8. Tyler
    March 19

    OMG! I just have to get a copy of “Run From the Faggots” for myself. That’s fucking awesome.

  9. March 21

    Sick 2 Def was totally incredible! For the first half of the track I found myself thinking “What the hell is Tim playing this for,” but then it turned around at the end and totally wowed me. Another excellent show!

  10. Dorothy
    March 24

    You mentioned in one of the podcasts not being able to listen to qxbear’s podcast because it is in Apple format. If you have iTunes, you can right (or Command) click the .m4a file in the iTunes library and select ‘Convert this selection to mp3’. Doesn’t work with protected ones bought directly from iTunes Music Store, but works with unprotected ones. It will give you a duplicate file, not listed under the Podcasts tab, but it will be in your library. For Linux users Totem-xine can play .m4a’s, though I might have had to find a plug-in to get that working, I can’t remember. Hope this helps.

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