Electronic Popstar Killers

Loo and Placido seem to be emulating more than Daft Punk’s ascendancy at the moment – check out those llighted ‘Jawa’ style hoods – and a great section in their new mix where Daft Punk’s robots start saying ‘Loo and Placido’ – but also in creating some great crunchy mixes for the dancefloor.

Check out their 2 hour mix Electronic Popstar Killers (also on Fairtilizer) (as featured in the Guardian!) – I’m a bit late on this ‘cos I was so wrapped up in International Mash Mania, but Betty Got Jacked and the intro are ace – definite likenesses to Soulwax/2 Many DJs in their rock/electro mix going from Kool Herc and KRS-1 meeting man of the moment AC Slater, Daft Punk, Hithouse, Ram Jam, Crookers meeting AC/DC, Michael Jackson meeting the uber-hip Jack Beats, and even some JS Bach. Recommended.

Relatio Clash

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