Tag: summer

June 19 /

Saw this – Para One’s You Too via Seapunkgang and this has summer hit all over it, and love the 90’s dance show video. Piano chords FOREVER.

June 15 /
April 29 /

Oh this pushes all the right buttons on a rainy Sunday – chillwave/shoegaze summer vibes, great video, epic sound and a band that’s truly independent and self released (and on Bandcamp! Yay!), and mashup/remix friendly hence the great unofficial videos.…

July 22 /

right here…Underworld’s ‘Scribble’ as remixed by High Contrast who can do no wrong. Uplifting and summery…amazing they won’t release it til later in the year BUT you can download it off the website…came late to this, but never been a…