Radio Clash 53: Giving it to the Man with a Ukelele in my Hand

Angry, angry, angry. And very slightly drunk…

Strum for the revolution (44Mb, 74mins)


  1. November 13

    Hey I saw Jan Polet yesterday at the Dutch podcasters meetup. In the brief conversation we had, he was pretty disappointed. Now whether he was disappointed with the labels or the podfather.. that wasnt clear. I felt for the guy, he was genuinely disillusioned. — just thought i would share.

    im doing that bad thing where Im commenting and Im only 15 minutes into the show… so I may be back.. cliffhanger!

  2. Paul
    November 14

    Wow, thanks for playing “Everlasting Love” from the We

  3. November 15

    Thank you so much for playing Codomatopoeia. It took me a minute to figure out what the hell was going on in that song… but I love it. Fantastic and weird. I’m glad there are people in the world mad enough about fish and chips to record a song about it. Us yanks can’t be as picky…

  4. November 16

    Black Lodge Singers rock… I’ve got the CD that comes from Canyon Records catalog for Black Lodge Singers. There’s a great version of Mighty Mouse on there as well.

  5. Kirsten from California
    October 4

    It is extremely awesome that you are playing songs from the Katamari soundtracks. Both are great soundtracks and definitely one of the reasons why I am so hooked on the games.


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